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TotalEdit Pro - Text, File and Database Editor with built-in FTP & SSH (SFTP)v5.7

Download TotalEdit Pro, the powerful notepad replacement and file editor.  A fantastic text editor, code editor, database editor and document editor with ftp and ssh
Download TotalEdit Important Installation Instructions when upgrading from v5.2 and earlier

TotalEdit Pro is now free and is supplied without support or warranty.

To unlock the software, when prompted to register simply enter the following key


TotalEdit Pro
CoderTools TotalEdit Pro v5.7

TotalEdit Pro Overview

TotalEdit Pro v5.7 is a powerful notepad replacement and text editor. Packed full of features to help everyone from office workers, journalists through to programmers and web site editors.
It is perfect for editing web sites (including PHP, HTML, Javascript, Ruby, JSP), analyzing databases* (including Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL), file and hex editing, programming and AutoCad development with support for AutoLISP and DCL.
It can help you work faster with features including Auto-Completion, Code-Folding, Language specific Syntax-Coloring, Plug-in External Compilers like Javac, Preview Web Pages, fully customizable environment, spell checker and much more.
It also supports connecting, browsing and editing files on remote servers using either FTP or SSH (SFTP).
Click on the Features tab to view a complete list of TotalEdit Pro's features.
* Connectivity is dependent on the OLEDB database connection technology built into Microsoft Windows.  Additional manufacturers drivers (also known as providers) may be needed to connect to your chosen database server
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