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"Schema Compare" v 1.0 (Free) the Database Comparison Tool for MS SQL Server 2005

Download Schema Compare (Free) Download Schema Compare (Free)
Key Features:
»Compare database on the same or different servers
»Display sql object differences side-by-side
»Export difference report in html
»Create SQL scripts to help synchronise your databases

Schema Compare is a database tool that enables the user to compare two databases.

The program displays a list of all objects in each database and for each object specifies:

  • If it exists in the left database only
  • If it exists in the right database only
  • If it exists in both and is identical
  • If it exists in both and id different

Side-by-side Comparison - For database objects that are different the program will display a side by side comparison of the database object sql and highlight the differences.

Export - Create a report of the differences in html, and xml.

Synchronise - Create a preliminary script you can use as basis to synchronise the databases. NOTE - SCRIPT IS FOR GUIDANCE ONLY. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Step 1: Connect to MS SQL Servers to Perform a Comparison

  1. Select New from the File menu, or press the New Comparison toolbar button to display the connection dialog.
  2. Enter the left database server name. This would be the name of the server the database is on.
  3. Select from the Authentication selection box whether you want to use an NT Account or Sql Server user account.
Schema compare server connection dialog

Step 2: Using the Comparison View

To make the list smaller you can filter(hide) database objects by selecting the buttons above the grid. There are buttons to filter(hide) based on difference - left only, right only, equal, and different. And buttons to hide based on database object type.

An example would be to press the LEFT ONLY button to remove all objects from the grid that exist in the left database only.

To see a side-by-side comparison of a database object you are interested in, select the object name from the grid and the side-by-side comparison window at the bottom of the screen will update to show the selected object differences.

At the bottom left of the screen, to the left of the side-by-side comparison, is a quick view/navigation map of the compared database objects. Use it to and quickly spot the location of any differences, and to scroll the side-by-side comparison using your mouse.

Main Schema Compare Window

Step 3: Create a Preliminary SQL Script to Synchronize the Right Database to be the same as the Left Database


On the toolbar menu press the Synchronize button and a window will open displaying the SQL code you can use as a basis to synchronize your database.

Synchronize view in Schema Compare
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