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Current Version 5.7.0

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TotalEdit Pro is a powerful notepad replacement and text editor. Packed full of features to help everyone from office workers, journalists through to programmers and web site editors.

It is perfect for editing web sites (including PHP, HTML, Javascript, Ruby, JSP), analyzing databases (including Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL), file and hex editing, programming and AutoCad development with support for AutoLISP and DCL.

It can help you work faster with features including Auto-Completion, Code-Folding, Language specific Syntax-Coloring, Plug-in External Compilers like Javac, Preview Web Pages, fully customizable environment, spell checker and much more.

It also supports connecting, browsing and editing files on remote servers using either FTP or SSH (SFTP).

TotalEdit Pro is now free and is supplied without support or warranty.

To unlock the software, when prompted to register simply enter the following key


Codertools What Version What Version of TotalEdit is Right for Me?
CoderTools TotalEdit Free TotalEdit Lite
CoderTools TotalEdit Pro TotalEdit Pro
Powerful Notepad replacement Supported Feature Supported Feature
Connect to remote servers using FTP or SSH (SFTP). Such as editing HTML files directly on your remote web servers.   Supported Feature
Query and analyze databases including Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL   Supported Feature
Enhanced Search Facilities   Supported Feature
Enhanced Auto Completion for HTML Web Editing   Supported Feature
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Now Free
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"Schema Compare" Version 1.0.0 for SQL Server 2005

A FREE database tool to compare two databases, show differences side-by-side, export html report, and create sql to help create synchronise scripts.
Codertools TotalEdit (free text editor) Lite TotalEdit Lite Edition(free text editor)
Looking for a free text editor? Download TotalEdit Lite now. It's a powerful and free text editor.

Learn More   Download TotalEdit Lite Edition (free text editor).  TotalEdit Lite Edition is a free text editor and powerful notepad replacement and file editor.  A fantastic text editor, code editor, and document editor, which does not include any of the enhanced features found in TotalEdit Pro

Testimonials for Codertools products Testimonials
"I am positively impressed with TotalEdit! "
TotalEdit - Mark.P (USA)
" I love your editor. Great Price. Will be purchasing it at the end of the trial. "
TotalEdit Pro - Bob.H (USA)
" I have used TotalEdit for a few days and it's one of the best I have used. "
TotalEdit - Michele.T (France)
" First off I just want to say that your editor tool is one of the best out there. I have been constantly on the search for an editor and had settled on EditPad Pro but will be now purchasing your editor at the end of the trial. "
TotalEdit - Adrian.C (USA)
About Codertools About Us
Codertools was started in 2003 by two software developers who wanted to apply their skills outside of the corporate world. Our first product was called Doodle, which was a Unicode text editor. It was pretty good but lagged behind the competition and so in 2004 we started again with TotalEdit. By 2005 we learnt that we were better at writing software than selling it and so chose to make TotalEdit free.
TotalEdit Pro and TotalQuery were created as a means to generate some revenue but so far we continue to run CoderTools at a loss. Today we continue to make enhancements to our existing products whilst looking at the mobile market. We have begun developing for the Apple iPhone and Google Android and continue to apply our skills to creating free and pay-for software.
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